Friday, 16 January 2015

16 January 2015 Homework


  Bring $12.50 for A-Math & E-Math 10-year-series 

 -Enrichment and Extension programme form

Attire Check:
Next Monday CE - Scan check
Next Wednesday Morning - Full attire check

Class Photo next Monday (




  "Exit Card" Form (see email)

  Notes Activity 2.5 (Due Next Monday)


  Theory Book Chapter 1


  Collect Signatures (Chemistry notes page 5)

NYI NYI - Prepare the group list for the Chemistry worksheet Activity 5

  Chemistry worksheet Activity 5 (Group work)

Math : 

  Assignment 3, 4 and 5 (Due Monday) (Compulsary questions only) 

  1B quiz

  Revise - How to find tangent

  Settle Groups and topics for Math AA


  Read Secondary 4 Textbook pages 96-102 (Leadership and Government system)

  Worksheet-Venetian system of government (8th-10th Century)

  Worksheet-Reformed venetian system of Government (From 12th century)

English : 

Next Tuesday - Argumentative Essay

Chinese :

 Page 2 of the worksheet, refer to one of the passages behind (关键句 worksheet)

  Powerpoint slides ( - put your prepared conversation (The one with the 词语 from 第一课 into the slides)

  听写 next week (All tested 词语 are on the PBworks website)

  sign up for 母语双周的词曲创作讲座 (

Higher Chinese:


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