Monday, 26 January 2015

MasterChef@SST: Looking for Student Assistants

Sec 2 Science Workshop - MasterChef@SST
Actual Dates: 2/2/2015 and 9/2/2015
Time: 1430 - 1630
Looking for 2 - 3 student assistants
Commitment required:
- Attend 1.5 hour training on 30/1/2015 and 6/2/2015 (Friday)
- Attend both sessions of workshops
- Assist the running of workshops during Openhouse (IF MasterChef@SST is rerun during Openhouse)
To apply, write an email to me at by 27/1/15 (Tue) 1700hrs. Inside the email, tell me
a) Why do you want to volunteer for it?
b) How do you think you can contribute to the workshop?
c) What other potential commitments will you have during Openhouse (First weekend of June Holiday)?
Results will be announced on 29/1/2015 afternoon.

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