Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Notes on what was good about the trip and what needed improvements.

Good thing: 

-whole process went well

-we manage to improvise and adapted well

-we used poker cards for memory game 

-we weren't rude, we tried our best to help kindly as possible as best as we can.

-not all the tables did it, they actually gave feedback that origami was meant of kids. not fun for them

-we planned quite okay and then the head of the elder care was quite pleased with us

room for improvement:

-communication wise wasn't very well, we didn't ask and some people didn't check the proposal and didn't prepare

-people who do not have anything to do should go somewhere to help other then gathering around with no cause.

-the decision of activity that we want to do, origami wasn't a good idea because some elderly has limited dexterity so it wasn't really effective

-try to increase our time interacting with the elderly 

-crash course to learn the basics of dialect so we can communicate better

-we could've rehearsed in google hangout to practice the song.

-a lot of waiting time because unsure what to do- better planning, through briefing, instruction sheet clearly states one's job. eg. Who is in charged of teaching origami on each table. song rehearsed at least one time. 

-Game took very long and the instructions weren't clear.

-Memory game could have started more simply. 
Make the game simpler or more basic. 

-A lot about preallocation. aware of resources. pre packing of tools and equipment.

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