Sunday, 4 January 2015

Programme for 5 Jan 2015 - Project BASSE

5 Jan (Monday)
Sec 3
0840 - 0905 hrs
Morning Assembly and Briefing
0905 - 0920 hrs
Boarding of Buses
MPH (dispatch), bus bay
0920 - 1000 hrs
Travel to SLEC
Travel to SLEC
1000 - 1030 hrs
Programme at SLEC
Return Bus trip to SST
Lunch Break

(kindly see detailed schedule for 5 Jan - each class will have different timings due to the different programming needs of the SLEC centres)
1030 - 1200 hrs
1200 - 1240 hrs
1240 - 1300 hrs
1300 - 1330 hrs
1330 - 1430 hrs
Post Service Reflections
Sec 3 classrooms


  1. 1 good thing
    Managed to converse with the elderly without too much of a language barrier.

    Areas for improvement
    Could have thought of a better activity than origami as some elderly have a lack of dexterity.

    [Albern Ong]

  2. One good thing: We managed to engage the elderly with the origami.
    Area for improvement: We were not organised at some times.

  3. Good Thing
    -The elderly were responsive to the games we created

    Can Be Improved
    -There could be more performances at the start

  4. 1 good thing: the center's head is quite pleased by our performance today and she also praised us for taking our time off to perform

    1 point for improvement: due to the language barrier between some of us and the elderly, it wasn't easy to get all of them to participate in the activities

  5. I would say that we had conducted ourselves quite well as we were not rude.

    We could have spent more time on interactions.

    -Russell Koh Yi

  6. Good : The performances that we put up really made them happy.

    Area for improvement : The ice breaker session was not well implemented as there was a lack of simple cards, the elderly found that the poker cards were too hard to differentiate.
    We should have thought through more carefully on how to accommodate to the elderly

    Sean Lim

  7. 1 Thing we did good:
    -The card games were good

    1 thing that needs improvement:
    -The performance could be longer

  8. 1 good thing: The elderly understood most of our instructions without too many problems.

    Areas for improvement: We should have done a group rehearsal maybe over google hangout or skype to make sure all of us knew how to sing the song.

  9. 1 good thing that happened: We learnt more about taking care elderly.
    1 thing that can be improved: Our Planning