Tuesday, 10 February 2015

10 February 2015 Homework

General / CE: 

   Reflect on Time Planning(Due Tomorrow)




  Practical 2 worksheet(Due Tomorrow)

  Biology workbook  worksheet 2(Due Thursday)


   Do physics workbook worksheet 3 (Due Next week)


  Separation techniques worksheet(Theory) pages 29(Due Thursday)

  Separation techniques worksheet(Theory & Practical) page 3

- Form groups of 3

- Do Activity on google slides, but write down notes on the page itself (Table groups)

(Due Tomorrow)

  Plan groups of 4 for Chemistry PT, each group to bring 4 empty, disposable, clean 1.5 litre bottles(Due Tomorrow recess)


  MOR Drawing - complete and insert into the slides

(Draw on the A4 paper, explain in the slides) (Due Monday)

  Complete the Google Earth handout (Due Monday)

  complete a cross-section of a continental-continental boundary (Due Monday)

Math : 

  Buy Math Assessment book (blue A-Math mentor book)(Due Thursday)

Math remedial for this week: (Our class is the numbers in red)



English : 

  Grammar Homework(Due Tomorrow)

  Bring editing tests 1-4 for marking(Due Tomorrow)

  Revise for "Features of a good speech" test (On Thursday)

Chinese :

  AA lyrics first draft (Due 20 February 2015)

Higher Chinese:

Blue text - Due Date
Highlighted in green-Due the next day

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