Thursday, 12 February 2015

12 February 2015 Homework

General / CE: 

   Reflect on Time Planning(Due Tomorrow)




  Nutrients worksheet pages 5-7(Due Next Monday)


   Do physics workbook worksheet 3 (Due Next week)


  Separation techniques worksheet(Theory) pages 29(Due Tomorrow)


  MOR Drawing - complete and insert into the slides

(Draw on the A4 paper, explain in the slides) (Due Next Monday)

  Complete the Google Earth handout (Due Next Monday)

  complete a cross-section of a continental-continental boundary (Due Next Monday)

Math : 

  Buy Math Assessment book (blue A-Math mentor book)(Due Thursday)

Math remedial for this week: (Our class is the numbers in red)

  Math Tutorial 3B (Due Next Monday)


  SS Level test practice paper(Due Next Tuesday)

  "Factors that led to the fall of Venice" worksheet(Due Next Tuesday)

English : 

  Grammar Homework(Due Next Monday)

  Speech Writing (Individual)(Due Saturday 8pm)

Chinese :

  AA lyrics first draft (Due Next Friday)

  找出第五课的过渡句(Due Tomorrow)

  从三个篇章(the worksheet)找出过渡句(Due Tomorrow)

Higher Chinese:

Blue text - Due Date
Highlighted in green-Due the next day

Things we went through in class this week(SF Students):
Math - Partial fractions, Long Division, Synthetic Division
English - Editing, Grammar, Speech writing
Chinese - 过渡句
Biology - Nutrients
Physics - Drawing of Free Body diagram
Chemistry - Separation Techniques, went through Chemistry PT briefing
Biotechnology - Gram Staining
SS - Decline of Venice
Geography - MAR, drawing of diagrams for MOR
CE - Time management

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