Monday, 2 February 2015

2 February 2015 Homework

General / CE: 

Secondary 3 Parent's engagement session - 6 February 2015 (Friday)

  File CE worksheets into white file (Due Friday)

  Goal setting google document (Due Friday)

  Sexuality education form (Due Tomorrow)




  Biology Unit 2 worksheet pages 10-12 (except question 7) (Due Wednesday)




  Elements, Compounds and Mixtures worksheet(only if you have not completed it)(Due Thursday)

  Separation techniques worksheet Pages 6 & 7 (Due Thursday)

  Bring files (both the plastic file & ring file)(Due Thursday)

  Plan groups of 4 for Chemistry PT(Due Thursday)

Chemistry workbook :

  Worksheet 2: experimental techniques Page 10 Q1 and 2 (Due Thursday)

  worksheet 3: elements compounds and mixtures 

Pg 18: Q 1 - 3 (put cross on 4)
Pg 19: Q5, 7 and 9 (put cross on 6 and 8)
Pg 20 to Pg 22: all except Section C Q1c (put cross on Q1c)

(Due tomorrow 2pm) (To be collected and handed in by Nyi Nyi)


  Watch the video in the G+ community and complete worksheet (Iceland video)(Due tomorrow)

  Complete the Google Earth handout document (Until the seafloor age question) (Due tomorrow)

Math : 

  Math AA(Due THIS Friday)

  Start practising TYS

  Math tutorial 2B (Due Tomorrow)



  Venice infographic - submit URL on the SS Landing site(Due tomorrow)

English : 


Chinese :

  Chinese File (put in dividers as well)

  第二课习字(Due Wednesday)

  AA lyrics first draft (Due 20 February 2015)

- 听写 on Wednesday
-Bring Chinese writing pad tomorrow

Higher Chinese:


Blue text - Due Date
Highlighted in green-Due the next day

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