Friday, 6 February 2015

6 February 2015 Homework

General / CE: 

Secondary 3 Parent's engagement session - 6 February 2015 (TODAY)






  Play with the tracker thing (Due Next Monday)

   Do physics workbook worksheet 3 (Due week 7)


  Separation techniques worksheet(Theory) pages 29(Due Next Thursday)

  Separation techniques worksheet(Theory & Practical) page 3

- Form groups of 3

- Do Activity on google slides, but write down notes on the page itself

(Due Next Wednesday) (Nyi Nyi to plan groups)

  Plan groups of 4 for Chemistry PT, each group to bring 2 empty, disposable, clean 1.5 litre bottles(Due Next Monday)


  MOR Drawing - complete and insert into the Google Earth handout

(Draw on the A4 paper, explain in the online document) (Due Next Monday)

Math : 

  Math AA(Due TODAY 2359)

  Math tutorial (Due Next Monday)


  Do up slides on the fall of Venice (Due Next Tuesday)

English : 


Chinese :

  AA lyrics first draft (Due 20 February 2015)

 作文 (Due Next  Monday)

Higher Chinese:

 活动本 (Due Next Monday)

Blue text - Due Date
Highlighted in green-Due the next day

Things to note : 
- To the people going to San Francisco next week, we'll try our best to take down notes and stuff for you guys and upload it here on the blog :D

- Someone requested for a post about the subject files, so please see the post below if you are confused

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