Monday, 23 March 2015

23 March 2015 Homework

General / CE: 

  CE File


  Complete Revised Daily Action plan worksheet (Due Tomorrow)

  Pass money for class photo to Jeron (Due Tomorrow)




  Filing - SPA file(with 3 x dividers) and Ring File (content page)(Print out content page and file in)(Due Tomorrow)

  Enzymes worksheet Activity 4-6(Due Tomorrow)

Refer to the following sections of your textbook for help:
Activity 4: pages 74-75
Activity 5: pages 80-81
Activity 6: pages 77-78


  Practice with Physics TYS

  Physics paper reflections


  Chemistry PT (soft-copy due Saturday 2359)

  Filing (Due Tomorrow)

  Kinetic Particle Theory worksheet until page 31

Math : 

  Matrices Worksheet(Due Tomorrow)





English : 

 Complete Visual Text worksheet

 Common Test practice paper

 Comprehension book Pages 9-11 & 57-59 (Due Tomorrow)

Chinese :

  作文 worksheet (Due Tomorrow)

  实用文 worksheet (Due Tomorrow)

Higher Chinese:


Blue text - Due Date
Highlighted in light blue - Things to take note of
Highlighted in green - Due next lesson

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