Friday, 27 March 2015

27 March 2015 Homework

General / CE: 

  Complete Revised Daily Action plan worksheet


  Complete the Biotechnology worksheet


  Filing - SPA file(with 3 x dividers) and Ring File (content page)(Print out content page and file in)(Due LATEST Tomorrow)

  Biology worksheet pages 12 & 13(Due Next  Monday)


- Workbook worksheet 5 (Due next Monday)


  Chemistry PT (soft-copy due Saturday 2359)

 Kinetic Particle Theory Workbook worksheet (Required questions will be sent to your SST email)(Due Next Monday)

Math : 

  Matrices Worksheet(Due Tomorrow)

  Indices and surds tutorial Assignment A03A (1e,1g,4,5,6b,6c,6h,6i,9,11,12)(and 13-16) . Surds questions are uploaded onto google spreadsheet already(Due Next Monday)


 Math AA Summative Test (Due Next  Monday 6am)


- Watch/ read transcript of the national day rally script and complete the worksheet given



English : 

- DIE book, for those of you who have not 

Chinese :

 Read 公务电邮 notes (常用句)(Due Next Monday)

Higher Chinese:


Blue text - Due Date
Highlighted in light blue - Things to take note of
Highlighted in green - Due next lesson

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