Tuesday, 7 April 2015

7 April 2015 Homework

Please remember to report to class tomorrow morning

General / CE: 

  Complete Revised Daily Action plan worksheet

  Complete the class poll survey (in your emails)

  Flag Day form (in your emails) (It is compulsary to attend)

 TAKE NOTE : The class meeting tomorrow has been cancelled




  Enzymes workbook worksheet(Due Friday)


  Physics practical book(Due tomorrow)

  Worksheet 3 correction(Due tomorrow)

  Filing(Due tomorrow)


  Balancing chemical equations worksheet(Due tomorrow)

  Writing chemical equations worksheet(Due tomorrow)

  Kinetic Particle Theory workbook worksheet (Pages 1-8) (Due Thursday)

  Atomic Structure workbook worksheet (Pages 23-30) (Due next Monday)

Math : 

  Math Quiz(Due tomorrow)

  7 Questions worksheet (Do only 4 out of the 7 questions)(Due Friday)


  File check (Due Friday)

  Watch PM Lee's 2002 speech (40 minute video) (Due Friday)

  What is PCMR? (Due Friday)

  Common Test Practice paper (Due next Monday)



English : 

  Complete English Filing (With 5 dividers) (Due Thursday)

  Editing worksheets 5-8 (Due Thursday)

  Common Test Practice paper(Due Thursday)

Chinese :

   公务电邮 (Due tomorrow)

   Chinese reflection journal (Due TODAY)

Higher Chinese:


Blue text - Due Date
Highlighted in light blue - Things to take note of
Highlighted in green - Due next lesson

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