Project BASSE 2015

Dear all

Good work today! Hope everyone has an enriching experience. You are invited to document your learning on your service experience at St Luke's ElderCare Centre today.
Individual task - post a comment to this post which will include: (1) 1 positive thing that your group has done today, and (2) 1 improvement that your group can make

Miss Lim


  1. One good thing:
    We managed to experience how the elderly responded to our games, and gave us feedback in order for us to improve it.

    One thing to be improved:
    We should have more planning time and a longer stay.

    1. Hi Jowell

      Perhaps you want to suggest what would be a better duration of stay at the centre?

  2. Good thing: Improvised when there was a language barrier.
    To Be Improved: Better activities to engage them as they found the origami to be boring.

    1. Hi Keagan

      You may want to suggest examples of activities we could conduct next time.

  3. 1 good thing: The performances are well-executed
    1 improvement: The serving of the food is what must be improved, since the food serving is slow, there is only the need of a few students to serve the food, while the rest try to interact.

  4. Good Thing: They gave feedback, so we can improve on our mistakes and difficulties.
    Thing to improve on: For the origami, should learn to do at home, e.g. Albern record a video doing the origami or google the origami and find instructinons.

    -Timothy Teng (21)

    1. Hi Timothy

      Perhaps you want to share with us what are some feedback you have gathered from the elderly?

  5. good; the elderly were engaged during the origami folding

    improvement; game instructions can be improved to be clearer and give a clearer understanding of the game mechanics.

  6. 1 good thing: We exercised patience as the elderly don't always get what we say without us repeating.
    1 thing to improve on: I think everyone should find something to do and not just hang around, as help is always needed.

  7. 1 good thing:
    We managed to improvise our plans when there were some errors, such as the memory game not being printed out, but yet we made the most out of what we had, and many people managed to open their hearts to the elderly, and serve them wholeheartedly.

    1 thing to improve:
    There was no liaison with the center, so they were not prepared for us, the poor timekeeping affected our plans, and even though with all the briefing and planning on Facebook, many people still do not know what is going on.

  8. 1 positive thing:
    -Initiative was shown, especially when it came to serving the food and helping to distribute the utensils
    1 improvement:
    -Have a backup plan and make sure there is proper communication throughout the whole team such that everyone is clear of what is going on at all times

    1. Hi Joanna

      Could you suggest examples on how the communication can be improved?

  9. Good:
    A few things went well today, the most important is the fact that the elderly were extremely happy about our visit. One of them even came of shake our hands after the service was over. From that simple gesture, we know that the elderly have truly has a fun-filled time while we were serving them.

    Some activities did not go as per plan. One activity was the paper folding origami where some of us did not have sufficient skill I fold the origami. Also, the performances were messy as most of us did not know the sequence of events. Finally, we overshot where the ice breakers were too long where we should have had more interacting time. However, overall I think we have done very well as a new class and I am glad the the elderly have had fun.

  10. 1 good thing: We managed to make them smile and talk with us.
    1 thing to improve on: We can make more than a type of origami for example a crane or a heart.

  11. 1 good thing:
    Communication with the elderly was better than expected as the staff managed to communicate our intentions to them
    1 thing we could improved:
    Better communication as we had to walk up and down to get things in the origami activity

  12. 1 positive thing: We were understanding and patient when it came to explaining the activity/game to the elderly.

    1 improvement: We need to manage our time more properly so that there is sufficient time for everything.


  13. Good Thing: We managed to explain to the elderly how to fold the origami.
    Improvement: We should have done preparation before hand by learning how to fold origami and we should have planned our performances better.

  14. Good : The performance was smooth as each one knew when was their turn to perform.

    Improvement : We were to crowded in an area and some areas did not have students to attend to the elderly we should be spread out to be more effective.